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Video is nothing new in recruiting: we’ve been using it as part of the interview process for years, particularly during the pandemic. But video can also be a powerful tool for recruitment marketing and employer branding. One study shows that job postings with video content have a 34% higher application rate[1], and on LinkedIn, posts with videos get three times[2] the click rates of text alone.

TikTok is emerging as a core tool for reaching younger workers. In fact, of the platform’s 1 billion active users, 40% are under 25, and 90% visit the site daily, spending an average of 52 minutes[3]  looking at content. That’s why Target, Shopify and Chipotle[4] are just a few of the large employers using TikTok to fill hard-to-hire roles. Recognizing this, TikTok now has a resume tool to help entry-level job seekers create and post their video resumes. Although data privacy concerns and the involvement of the foreign government in the platform have raised the possibility of a U.S. ban on the site, for now, it shows no signs of slowing down.

Pro Tip: Even if you are not on TikTok, your employees, candidates and competitors probably are, so at a minimum, it’s worth keeping an eye on this fast-moving space.

Transparency tops the list

Did you know that 70% of candidates[5] will choose one employment offer over another based on how transparent the organization is? Video is a great way to support transparency with content such as:

  • Organizational structure
  • How roles contribute to goals and mission
  • Workforce diversity
  • Pay structure
  • Career paths
  • Working conditions
  • Development opportunities

Pro Tip: 65% of employees[6] say they are looking for more transparency from employers. Be sure you repurpose recruiting content for internal use as well.

Support your employer brand

Your employer brand is the sum of all perceptions, experiences and expectations candidates and employees have about your organization, and video is a powerful medium for showing how reality compares to your employee value proposition.

Some employers produce a comprehensive employer brand video, like this one from Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada, to help candidates build a clear picture of one of their key roles at their organization. But videos don’t have to be professionally produced to have an impact. For example, day-in-the-life videos, such as this one created by a LinkedIn employee, can effectively paint a picture of your workplace, culture, perks, and more.

Not sure where to start? Pay a visit to your internal marketing team. They may have some existing videos about your products and services, locations, financial performance, and history that you can repurpose for recruiting. Plus, your marketing team may be interested in featuring recruiting videos in the social media feeds they manage, including TikTok, YouTube and Instagram.

Pro-tip: Ask what video content your marketing team is working on now. Perhaps with a bit of budget contribution, you can have some recruiting content created at the same time.

8 videos that should be in your recruiting toolkit

  1. Employee testimonials – have a contest and invite employees to create 30-second videos about their first 90 days or the best thing about their job or why it’s an awesome place to work.
  2. Video job descriptions – Create a short video showcasing frequently hired or hard-to-fill roles. Include footage of the workplace, and current employees in action along with information about their roles.
  3. Welcome video – Accompany employment offers with a brief video that outlines the next steps and welcomes the candidate.
  4. Process explainers Manage candidate expectations with a video overview of the recruiting process. Pro Tip: This can be as simple as a recorded slide presentation.
  5. Highlight reels – Work with your internal communications and marketing teams to produce a brief video highlighting moments from employee or customer events.
  6. Meet the CEO – Record a brief chat (or series of chats) with your CEO as candidates understand the organization’s mission, vision and leadership. Remember to keep it under about 90 seconds.
  7. Topic videos – Interview leaders or employees about a topic such as what makes a successful employee or how we’re supporting inclusion
  8. Toot your horn – Has your company won an award? Show off your market and employer leadership with a few highlights from the award presentation.

Pro Tip – Recruiting videos isn’t limited to people talking on camera or live action; there are many tools for creating clever animated videos. If that’s a bit outside your comfort zone, consider hiring a student or reaching out to a community college animation program to see if you can get some fresh ideas and creative support.

Video is a powerful tool for all parts of the recruiting process, and candidates increasingly look to video content to assess their opportunities. Thankfully, technology is making it easier to create and share effective, accessible video content.

At HirePower we help leading employers use the latest tools to engage and close the best candidates. Contact us today for more insights and ideas.

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