Last Updated on July 25, 2022 by Stacey Smith

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It’s no secret that HR teams are stretched, and Talent Acquisition (TA) continues to be one of the primary points of concern. Add to that the new challenges around returning to the workplace (or not), plus the ongoing work of building culture and engagement, and supporting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, all while trying to control costs and deliver measurable results.

No wonder so many Human Resources (HR) leaders are looking to outsourcing as a way to tackle high-priority initiatives and to give their teams a chance to catch their breath. This article looks at three areas where outsourcing, at least temporarily, can deliver solid returns.

More Recruiting ROI

Many employers outsource some or all of their recruiting. While this can free up HR and TA teams to focus on more strategic work, it’s important to look at how changing underlying processes could offer significant returns.

For example, a large retailer approached the HirePower team to help meet the recruiting needs of more than 2,300 stores across Canada. With fresh eyes on the overall TA strategy, we identified an opportunity to centralize the process and “speed hiring” while improving the quality of candidates and new hires. The approach included an integrated end-to-end TA strategy, hiring top recruiters, innovative campus recruiting approaches, and expedited professional accreditation for New Canadians.

While supporting the hiring of 6,000 corporate and store positions each year, the new TA program delivered solid results:

  • Active pipelines for critical and high-volume roles
  • Cut time to hire from 25 weeks to 5 weeks for specialized roles
  • Reduced dependency on staffing agencies
  • $5-million savings over six years

Plus, with solid processes and best practices in place, we were able to help this organization hire more than 17,500 retail workers in just 17 weeks during the first phases of the pandemic.

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Enhanced Employer Brand

Another area where outside support can pay dividends is employer branding. HR leaders know a strong employer brand is key for standing out in the market and getting the attention of top talent, but with so many competing priorities, it often falls to the bottom of the list.

One of our clients in the manufacturing space was struggling to fill critical niche technical roles. We helped them build a digital strategy to communicate their employer brand effectively to this hard-to-reach talent pool.

First, we created a captivating “day-in-the-life” video to show candidates the organization’s state-of-the-art workplace and unique culture. We also created personalized information to keep candidates engaged at every stage of the funnel. As a final step, we provided training to hiring managers, helping them become powerful brand employer ambassadors, both with candidates and in the broader community.

By leveraging outside expertise, this organization saw immediate improvements, including:

  • A significant increase in qualified candidates
    • Weekly metrics on volume, conversion, and other KPIs
    • Refined employee value proposition
    • Fresh recruitment marketing resources they could repurpose

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Propelling Performance

After two years in crisis mode, many TA teams are feeling burned out. Bringing in an outside perspective can rejuvenate processes and help TA and HR leaders rally the team around a powerful vision for the future.

This was the mandate for a regional government we worked with to address the bottlenecks and pain points within their recruiting function. We started with a series of facilitated workshops to map all of the critical recruitment processes. Then we worked with the team members to assess each step in the recruitment chain and plot a vision for future processes and digitization opportunities.

From here we were able to identify redundant and unnecessary tasks and build a change management roadmap the team was excited to implement, including:

  • Removal of non-recruitment-related tasks, delays and duplication(s)
  • 20% more time for strategic work
  • Technology for streamlined data storage, recruiting, and selection practices

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There are many other areas where outside resources can keep your team focused on high-value, high-impact work. As you start planning for the Fall and a new year, consider where you might find measurable benefits by outsourcing.

At HirePower, we help organizations solve complex Talent Acquisition and HR challenges with our scalable services and expert professionals.