Last Updated on May 24, 2022 by Stacey Smith

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In a tight labour market, your employer brand is more important than ever. Your Talent Acquisition team is working hard to stand out in this noisy, competitive hiring environment, but did you know there is another team that can build your employer brand and break through the clutter to reach top candidates?

Time to enlist your senior leaders as employer brand ambassadors.

There are four key areas where your leadership team can help shine a light on your employer brand.


Most senior leaders have vast networks within your industry and the broader business community. That network is key to amplifying your employer value proposition.


Senior executives have a lot of knowledge when it comes to your industry and your organization. Put this authority to work in the community.


Your leadership team is the public face of your employer brand. As the most visible people in your organization, they help potential candidates understand your mission and vision.


Candidates want to work for organizations where the values and culture align with their own. One of the key things senior leaders do is authentically communicate those values and model the behaviours that define your culture.


Senior leaders are busy people and, as well-meaning as they may be, they are not going to become employer brand ambassadors on their own. But with a little preparation and support, you should be able to get them up to speed to support your talent acquisition goals.

A great place to start is with culture. Nobody knows your culture like your leadership team. Here are some ideas for helping them promote your culture.

  • Create talk tracks about your organization’s culture they can use when they are networking with peers, customers and suppliers.
  • Find brief stories executives can share that illustrate your values and culture.
  • Give leaders shareable content they can use on LinkedIn or other platforms that talk about community involvement, ESG initiatives, industry sponsorships and so on.
  • Work with your marketing and public relations team to find opportunities for leaders to talk about your culture on podcasts, speaking panels or as a guest blogger.
  • Invite a couple of executives to your next career fair– they’ll do a great job of talking up the culture to potential candidates.
  • Find out when your leaders are speaking at a conference or to the media to see if there’s a way to highlight culture and employment opportunities.
  • Make sure your leaders know when your organization has won employer or industry awards and give them shareable content they can spread through their networks.


One of the comments we often hear from senior executives is that they want to support talent acquisition but either doesn’t have the time or the experience with social media to do it consistently and do it well.

Consider investing in a social media scheduling tool, such as HootSuite. This will help you work with your leaders to create content and schedule it to post automatically on their LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram feeds.

Some leaders may need a bit of training to refresh their skills on social media platforms. You may want to host a brief workshop to help them understand the ins and outs of posts, shares, likes and comments.

When your leadership team has quality talk tracks, shareable content and opportunities to engage with the community and with candidates, there will be no stopping them as powerful employer brand ambassadors.

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