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HirePower has dedicated teams to help Clients
and Communities impacted by Covid-19.

Resources and validated sites to help you manage talent
through this pandemic.

We Support Essential Workers

Our Consultants have a proven history of delivering seamless and flexible HR support and high volume/short turnaround recruitment projects for temporary relief and support staff.

  • Pharma & Healthcare 
  • Grocery, Retail & Supply Chain 
  • Food & Industrial Manufacturing 
  • Manufacturing & Businesses re-tooling
  • Start-Up/Scale Up Digital & FinTech
  • Our broader Client base – working through hiring challenges during this crisis
Managing through Covid-19

    Covid-19 has forever changed the world of work. Everything your brand/organization says in public is instantly under scrutiny from customers and your employees right now. Prompting the need to have clearer and stronger policies on everything, to eradicating discriminatory behaviour.  There’s a long road ahead for HR.

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    Business Continuity

    Here When You Need Us


    • Work from Home:  Working remotely is not new to HirePower. As an early pioneer in “WFH”, our Consultants are well versed in all the tools, technology and productive habits needed to provide seamless support virtually. 
    • Flexible Work Schedule: We realize that some of our employees may have school-age dependents who may interfere with the ability to work remotely during a normal business day.  We have equipped our leaders with tools to manage coverage – maintaining business continuity for our clients, while giving flexibility to parents to care for their children. 
    • Quarantine Protocols: We have implemented quarantine protocols to ensure the safety and well-being of our employees and Clients should they be exposed to, or contract, COVID-19.

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    Featured Engagements

    Check out a few of our featured impact summaries

    Grocery Retail

    Covid-19 has led to a surge in customer demand for brick/mortar grocery, online grocery and curbside pick-up services for one of our long-standing grocery clients.

    HirePower has been asked to be part of the tactical recruitment team to tackle 10,000+ open reqs.  This includes positions in both rural
    and urban markets across Canada.

    Industrial Manufacturing

    HirePower had just kicked off a new partnership with an Industrial Manufacturing Client when the Covid-19 crisis hit.

    In addition to dealing with the challenge of filling hard-to-fill niche roles, our Consultants quickly launched a custom job board, recruitment marketing support and partnered with stakeholders to implement virtual interviewing and onboarding processes, seamlessly, without missing a beat.

    Pharma & Healthcare

    We have recruited for the Healthcare  industry for 20+ years.
    Roles ranging from Nurses, Pharmacists and Personal Support Workers to entry-level and senior corporate roles. Our team of consultants have partnered seamlessly with a Client’s HR team to manage business-critical recruitment drives, help win and  support high-value contracts, which required specialized staff and all within very tight timelines.

    One project involved 200 interviews resulting in over 100 that were ready-to-hire within 1.5 weeks. Another project resulted in 115 hires (including Health Care Aides and 25 nurses) over the course of 3 weeks.

    Supply Chain

    A National end-to-end supply chain solution supplier with 5 locations in the GTA was undergoing significant growth, having 150 open hourly and salaried positions. With an over  reliance on agencies, no internal recruitment infrastructure, they had an urgent need for  support. HirePower offered a bespoke talent acquisition solution with a scalable team ranging from 2 to 8 consultants as needed.

    We successfully met the target of 150 key hires, and the partnership continued to include closing 698 roles, which significantly reduced agency costs.

    Food Manufacturing

    HirePower was supporting an existing food manufacturing Client, who was experiencing unprecedented growth, with their corporate/salaried roles for over 2 years. We were asked to take on the challenge of staffing their new facility that was due to open in 2 months. We devised a strategy and executed to meet their business critical timelines. Due to the great work the special surge team was asked to stay on as an extension of the recruitment team.

    HirePower has filled upwards of 120+ roles; including front-line mixers, skilled trades, maintenance, material handlers, shippers/receivers, and salaried/supervisory positions.

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