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April 11, 2017

One-Way Interviews

Talent Acquisition Strategy

Not only do we offer expertise at every stage of your talent acquisition process, but we also have a high level of expertise in developing strategies and best practices.  These are called “Social Media Recruiting”, “Branding and Attraction Strategy” and “Centre of Excellence” services. 

Many of our Clients have asked us to help them develop a strategy that maximizes the benefits of Social Media in recruitment. 

With “Branding and Attraction Strategy” and “Centre of Excellence”, we start by assessing our Clients’ needs and assessing where the gaps are in order to help to establish either a strong recruitment brand or a Centre of Excellence.  Once we’ve identified the gaps, we lead development of a program to address those gaps and we develop tracking mechanisms to determine when we’ve succeeded in accomplishing the goal.  We often lead the work (the programs) for our Clients as well.