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April 11, 2017

One-Way Interviews

Supplemental Recruitment Services

While many Clients use our well-known RPO services, we also offer a wide menu of supplemental recruitment services. These services are customizable, based on Client needs and they cover each individual stage of the recruiting process in whatever depth is required. For example,

Sourcing Candidates:
Do you need help in filling hard to fill roles? We provide specialized expertise in finding the right candidates.

Are you too resource-strapped to filter through a huge volume of applications? Let our experienced recruiters rapidly find the best-fit shortlist for your organization.

Do you need an experienced evaluator to accelerate the interview process and/or ensure the successful candidates have the right soft and hard skills to be successful? Our team is known for their interview expertise and assessment capabilities.

Do you have hard to fill roles that keep coming up? Would your business benefit from having a pipeline of these candidates ready for when the need arises? Let us help you with this challenge.

Reference Checking:
Do you find reference checking is consuming too much resource time? We can unburden your team and provide high quality background checking.

Targeted Research:
Do you have an opening with a narrowly defined and scarce skill-set? We can help you define what you are looking for and where these potential candidates may be working. We can develop a list of potential names and contact information within a short timeframe. We can also reach out to them and see if an opportunity at your organization would be of interest to them.