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April 11, 2017

One-Way Interviews

Human Resources Case Studies

ICOM Information and Communications L.P.

Case Study: Leading Edge Career Transition and Outplacement Service
Our Client: ICOM Information and Communications L.P.
Our Client's Challenge: Steering their organization successfully through downsizing


HirePower and ICOM enjoyed a strong partnership for many years and provided recruitment and HR consulting support.  ICOM had an impressive record of strong growth but at one point, for strategic reasons and to stay competitive needed to restructure and immediately turned to us for help with a downsizing initiative, confident that we would stay true to their values and would treat all of their employees with respect and dignity.  The goal was to provide resources and support to outplaced employees, to ensure they were comfortable in the transition, and that they quickly found comparable employment outside ICOM.

HirePower's Solution:

HirePower created an offsite Career Transition Centre (CTC), which provided a supportive place for separated employees to go each day that provided ongoing structure and focus to help map out their new plans. HirePower provided customized support for each employee, including one on one assessments, training, information sessions, and planning resources for developing resumes and targeting prospective new employers.  Our goal was to ensure that each employee felt supported and confident that they were on the right track to new employment and the next stage in their careers, having learned new skills and having gone through minimal personal upheaval.

Helping Our Client Succeed In The Market:

The overall ranking of the CTC and its services was exceptional at 93%, highlighting the success of the program.  Of those employees who were laid off,68% made use of the CTC offices and many more used the additional services provided including the training and information sessions.   79% of separated employees participated in the Resume Building and Networking training, 85% participated in the Interview Skills Workshop, and roughly 60% per cent attended the EI session and/or took advantage of the one-on-one assessment. 

Within only three and a half months from the opening of the Centre, 26% of the participants had found employment.  In addition, the feedback from the employees regarding the CTC was very positive including the following quotes:

  • We thank you for taking a special interest in the training.  You did a great job for us and made it easy to understand.
  • The CTC was excellent.
  • Thank you.  Before you reviewed my resume, I didn’t get any calls from companies but afterward, I started getting a lot of calls.  Your help and training was really excellent.
  • Your positive attitude and way of thinking made me feel happy and I am now really confident. 

Kubik Inc.

Case Study: Outsourced HR Solution for Mid Sized business
Our Client: Kubik Inc.
Our Client's Challenge: Business had no internal HR department to help in dealing with day to day people issues or with plans for business growth.


Our client, Kubik, was founded over 25 years ago and is now a leading integrated design and fabrication house for exhibits, events and environments. The company had grown into a successful mid sized business, and had plans for further growth. They knew, however, that at this stage of their growth, they needed a more developed Human Resources infrastructure, as well as HR support for its current managers to help them deal effectively with day to day people issues. Kubik did not have an internal HR team and was challenged in identifying how to fulfill their HR requirement, e.g. was this a full time or part time requirement for the business; did they need senior level expertise or transactional support.

HirePower's Solution:

Through collaboration with Kubik’s leadership team, HirePower was able to help identify both short and long term needs and priorities on the HR front. HirePower was also able to provide Kubik with an outsourced HR solution to support the business on an on-going basis. This outsourced solution allowed Kubik to easily find the right level of HR support on a part time basis for their business. With its capable team of HR professionals, HirePower was able to provide Kubik with a dedicated HR professional to work on-site two to three days per week. For added support on specific HR projects or in times of higher recruitment volume, Kubik could also draw on additional HirePower resources that would be flexible and scalable. Our goal was to provide both the right skillset for this outsourced solution as well as the right fit with our client and their team. We were successful in meeting both of our goals, so much so that the client has used this same outsourced Human Resources solution for many years.

Helping Our Client Succeed In The Market:

HirePower helped its client attain the right level of HR infrastructure required for its growing business and also provided the right level of on-going HR on-site support. Just as importantly for our client, we did so in a cost effective way for them. The feedback from the client regarding the level of HR support and the fit of the dedicated individual within their team was very positive. Specific accomplishments have included:

  • Creation of new Policy and Procedures manual, ensuring legislative compliance in policies.
  • Audit of HR files and identification of missing document.
  • Development and implementation of performance management program.
  • Development and management of compensation programs.
  • Refinement of recruitment and selection processes and support in hiring requirements.
  • Leadership and support in acquisition of new business.
  • Leadership and support to leadership team in strategic planning.
  • One on one coaching to specific leaders and managers.