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April 11, 2017

One-Way Interviews

Why Join HirePower?

At HirePower we offer our team a unique combination of opportunities, which makes us a desirable employer.

First, we work with Clients focused on growth, and with challenges to solve, so our employees find their work stimulating and meaningful.  We build long term partnerships where we enjoy the benefits of positive, long standing relationships and are rewarded with loyalty from our Clients.

Second, we are a values based organization.  Our values form the core of what we do and how we do it, and we hire only those who embrace those values and want to live and breathe them.  We firmly believe in being accountable to our Clients and in exceeding their expectations by delivering outstanding results for them.  We do this with integrity and in a caring, supportive, constructive manner.  To read more about our values and vision, click here.

Another benefit of working for HirePower is that we believe in ongoing skill development so we offer regular opportunities for professional development.  We also encourage the development and sharing of industry best practices and knowledge with each other, to keep us current in our respective fields of expertise.

And finally, in the same way that we offer our Clients flexible solutions to meet their ever-changing HR and recruitment needs, we offer our team members flexible work options to help accommodate their busy lives.  The majority of our Client work is done on a full time basis; however, several of our team members work or have worked part time during their tenure at HirePower.  Our organization continues to grow and, the same way we respond to changes in the economy and with our Clients, we continue to respond to changes in the needs and wants of our valued employees. 


What Our Consultants Say:

Here are some of the things our consultants say about working at HirePower:

HirePower is more than a group of exceptional Human Resource consultants; in my experience it is a team of professionals that support each other like a family. I have been given not only the opportunity but encouragement to develop my skills and grow professionally. Most importantly I always feel extremely valued and continually treated with incomparable respect as an employee.
Sharon Lodder, CHRP
Being a part of the HirePower team means a strong dedication to service and value to our clients. It is a unique organization that exudes competence and integrity with an employee first mentality. As a Recruitment Consultant, I have been given a variety of opportunities to expand my knowledge and grow as a partner. There is no better place to make home than HirePower!
Amy Jarvenpaa
For me, working at HirePower means being part of a team that celebrates not only success on the job, but also personal milestones and accomplishments. HirePower understands the value of working hard and playing hard. Being part of HirePower is important to me because it offers a safe and stimulating environment in which I am able to laugh, grow, and build lasting relationships with my team and my clients.
Dina Leventakis