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April 11, 2017

One-Way Interviews

Why Choose HirePower?

There are lots of reasons to choose HirePower.  We have tremendous expertise and skills across a broad range of HR disciplines, and experience across multiple industry sectors.  We were, in fact, among the earliest pioneers to build and deliver RPO or outsourced services in Canada back in 1992, a concept that didn’t exist then, and we’ve been perfecting the process ever since. 

But if you ask our Clients, they will tell you the main reason they choose us is because of our values and the way in which we partner with them to deliver outstanding results.  At HirePower we often start with new Clients by handling a single project.  But we’ve found over time that we tend to build long term partnerships with our Clients.  Our Clients come back to us over and over again because we provide them with a competitive advantage in successfully growing their organizations. That’s also why over two thirds of our Clients come from referrals. 

Our Vision:

Our vision is to be the most Client-focused and values driven human resources professional services company in Canada.

Our Mission:

We will exceed our Clients’ expectations each and every day. We live and breathe those values every day and we believe they are the glue that binds us to each other and to our Clients. See what our Clients say about them too.

Our Values:

  • Integrity (we trust each other and our Clients and partners trust us)
  • Accountability (we do what we say we’ll do)
  • Results (we deliver quality work and we always aim to exceed our Clients’ expectations)
  • Partnership (within HirePower and with all of our Clients and suppliers)
  • Support (for each other, and for all of those with whom we work)
  • Caring Spirit (we operate with both energy and with care for all of those around us)