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April 11, 2017

One-Way Interviews

What We Do

We use an innovative and flexible partnership model to help our HR Clients build capability in their organizations.  We are particularly skilled at blending quickly and effectively into our Clients’ organizations so that we can both advise and do the work required.  We work within the Client’s own culture and processes, which eliminates the disruption and productivity losses sometimes associated with outsourcing.

Our process starts with an assessment of your situation to understand your needs and develop a tailored solution.  We handle projects, for example, as large as building an entirely new Talent Acquisition Centre of Excellence for a global manufacturing company or doing all of the hiring for a US food chain coming to Canada.  We’ve managed projects as specific as building a best practice recruiting presentation for a global mining company or developing policy and procedures for a national retailer.   The key point is that we are highly and broadly skilled, and very flexible, always committed to helping our Clients succeed.