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April 11, 2017

One-Way Interviews

Who We Are

At HirePower we provide solutions for stretched HR Executives who are constantly expected to achieve better results with fewer resources.  As leaders in HR, we understand that every day can be chaotic and that some unforeseen crisis will likely take you away from focusing on your core mission.  We also know that sometimes you need expertise that for many reasons doesn’t make sense to have on your permanent team.  That’s why we have built a skilled team who can seamlessly integrate into any organization and, while working as an extension of your own team, smoothly deliver the work you need and the results you anticipate.

We are an experienced team of HR professionals who have been working together for over 20 years to deliver exceptional results for our Clients.   We were, in fact, among the earliest pioneers to build and deliver Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services in Canada back in 1992, a concept that didn’t exist then, and we have been perfecting the process ever since.  We have developed extensive experience across multiple industries, in end-to-end Talent Acquisition and HR Consulting.  We are based in Toronto, Canada, and we work across Canada, the U.S., and internationally with our global Clients.

We are both advisors and “do-ers”, meaning, for example, that we can develop a strategy and a well thought out, staged implementation plan for you, or set up entirely new processes, but we are also equally good at doing the work -- for example, managing a portion or all of your recruiting function, fielding and analyzing surveys, or providing coaching for your Executives or Managers. 

Our greatest sense of satisfaction occurs when we are asked to work with our Clients again and again, and when our Clients succeed.